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and twins were delayed. and during the delay a twin's player tweeted that is the loudest noise i ever heard. i thought jesus was coming. that was really loud. >>> let's turn to our chief meteorologist bill martin, we are in for a warm up. >> yeah. we will heat up. temperatures warmed up today. mid-90s. almost triple digits tomorrow and wednesday we will see triple digits. a spare the air day tomorrow. we will see one on wednesday. the fog already responding to the high pressure that is building in. fog that is compressed against the coast. it fills in along the coast. visibilities will get low tonight. the fog is not coming up over the hills, not cooling the valleys and that means tomorrow will be a warmer day, especially inland. high pressure compresses, takes the fog and pinches it down against the coastal hills. the cooling influencesfluences can't get up into the valley. that means poor visibilities along highway 1 and drizzle possible. fog along the coast tonight. same for tomorrow, wednesday. it will be hot inland tomorrow and hotter wednesday. the classic summer pattern continues int
their industry but could destroy it. >>> and more details now on the delta water plan. those giant twin tunnels would run through the delta between sacramento and tracy. and the pumps would be at the northern end. now, it is estimated that the tunnels would divert 9,000 cubic feet of water per second. >>> the governor's water plan is getting some swift push back from washington. at a news conference on capitol hill, groups criticized the idea, saying that twin tunnels would reduce the sacramento river to a trickle. they also say the governor did not consult enough with northern californians before he unveiled the plan. >> i'm worried that what is now starting to build as momentum to get this facility constructed overwhelms the scientific considerations that are absolutely necessary for the protection of one of the great delta systems in the world. >> in the past, members of congress have argued over whether washington should even have a say in california's water war. go to our website and click on web links. there you will get a look at the current water delivery system. we are learning more ab
four in the game like yesterday and dominate the twins in minnesota. the a's sweep with a 9-4 win. they won 9-11. and in the middle of the race for the second wide card. >> today's finals in stanford. she took on serena williams but she did have support from her mother. >> take more time and decide what you will do. you are a phenomenal athletes and you are gifted. >> she has been taking time. >> mom's advice worked for a while. she jumped ahead in the first set. she was two points away from taking the set but serena rallied. she was serving but couldn't finish the deal. she wins 7-5. then dominated the second set. she wraps it up 6-3. she wins with her 43 win. tize her sister for the -- ties her sister for the lead. >> it is looking like jeremy lin will be wearing a houston rockets uniform. he signed an offer sheet with houston. the knicks have till tuesday to decide whether or not to match it. reports make it sound like they will let him go. it calls for $25 million over three years. carmelo anthony called the contract ridiculous. which makes it hard for to imagine them on the s
are taking clean up into their own hands but safety is the number one concern. he has twin girls, his home has no power so one of his girls had to return to the hospital. >> we could not have staid here without generator power because she was on an electrically supplied pump. >> reporter: in virginia the sights and sounds of the storm are still fresh. >> winds, howling, and just thundering. >> you could feel the power and hearthe weather. >> reporter: and there is a long road ahead for those who lost everything. >> i asked rosemary orozco and she said the heat is not letting up. in ohio 200 national guard members went door to door checking on residents and clumbs planned to help residents there cool off. >>> in =, 1500 -- in colorado 1500 firefighters are still battling the waldo canyon fire. it is now 55% contained but destroyed 347 homes and left two people dead. crews are still being hampered by hot weather and power outages. 30,000 people are still evacuated from their homes. >> i have never been as proud to live anywhere as here. the fire officials, police officials have been rock sta
, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> twin ceremonies, california's high-speed rail, the funding promised so nice the governor signed it twice. is today's action slowing critics? but first happening now, back inside san francisco city hall where the ethic's commission hearing for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is now underway. we are hearing now from our sources that it is ross mirkarimi's campaign manager talking right now. the person we are waiting to hear from is his wife ellana lopez. as david stevenson reported, she just arrived around 5:00 today. ellana lopez flew in to san francisco from wednesday wednesday specifically to testify that hearing. she has been in venezuela for some time now. mayor ed lee is attempting to remove ross mirkarimi from the sheriff's office. at this point we understand ellana lopez is expected to take the stand at 6:30 p.m. david stevenson is inside the room and we will be monitoring the hearing from inside the news room. we will let you know what happens in 15 minutes. >>> back to the california's high-speed rail project. $8billion for that pr
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5